What is " Become your own doctor" health transformation work-shop?

Organised by

Dt. Priya Agarwal

Workshop Date

31st July 2022

Workshop Time

9:30 AM to 5 PM

Workshop Venue

The Park, Kolkata

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What you will Learn?

optimal health

How to live a life of optimal health?


How to cure all chronic diseases with a healthy lifestyle?


Natural healing techniques, Science of Yoga, Naturopathy and more.

exclude medication

How to exclude medication from your life?

Who is this for?

For Working Professionals

For Working Professionals

Being busy with work, you might not have time to look after yourself. Working long hours can even deteriorate your health. This workshop will help you learn how to increase your productivity and live a healthy lifestyle.

For Homemakers

For Homemakers

Taking care of the household takes up so much of your time that you might not be able to give time to yourself and your health. By attending this workshop, you can learn how to maintain good health for yourself and your family.

For Senior Citizens

For Senior Citizens

With age comes various health issues and challenges. You can reverse and prevent them with well-planned dietary habits, regular yoga, and taking care of your mental health. Join our workshop to know about healthy aging.

For Students

For Students

Want to be able to completely focus on your studies and get good results? Then join this seminar. With a healthy and active lifestyle, you can become a better learner and performer.

For Fitness Seekers

For Fitness Seekers

Are you a fitness and yoga enthusiast? Then this workshop is perfect for you! Get a deeper insight into the science of yoga and its several health benefits.

For Health Fanatics

For Health Fanatics

If you are extremely conscious about your health, then you can learn a lot from this workshop. Get to know about the World’s healthiest food, nature cure cooking principles, etc.

About Dt. Priya Agarwal

A renowned specialist in the field of clinical nutrition, Priya Agarwal is the owner and the lead nutritionist at Dietmetrics, the single and only Centre for a superior degree of diet consultation here in Kolkata. With an experience of over 15 years she provides eminent consultation to her patients coming from all sectors.

Priya Agarwal began her medical career with the completion of MSC (Comp) HSC & PGD Dietetics, post which she entered the industry positioned as a Slimming Manager at a renowned Institute in the heart of our Capital. Later she joined the Escorts Heart Institute as a senior dietician, eventually paving her way to becoming the head in that significant department.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lack of knowledge is most common in our daily food intake habits. The only result of this, in the long run, is contracting diseases. After that, going to the pharmacy is the only way to save ourselves. What if we get the best cure for the body through a change in our lifestyle only? Few simple techniques can provide remarkable results.
The myth of a pharmacy being the only solution will be broken by this workshop.

  • Detailed diet plan to overcome chronic diseases.
  • Daily morning routine for excellent health.
  • Answer to all frequently asked questions about natural lifestyle.

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